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Therapy Blanket – Part 3

Hello! Finally we have here the final instalment of this three-part blanket pattern! Life in lockdown is not easy and as I write this I have just finished yet another week of home-learning with my kids and it is testing! I have not had much yarn time, which is a shame, but I have been thinking up some new designs so that is always a good thing!

If you have just stumbled upon this blog post and you don’t know what my Therapy Blanket is then head on over to Part One to find out!

So here in Part Three I show you how I have bordered the blanket – you may not wish to use this border and that’s ok – but I like this one as I really wanted a cute ‘home-made’ look and this stitch pattern reminds me of the traditional blanket-stitch that you see on home made quilts. It features an intricate little ‘X’ as you can see below which I think is a lovely detail.

And guess what – I have even made a little video to show you how to work the corners – I will pop it on my Instagram page! @loveandloop

So here is how you do it;

Scheepjes XL 50g balls in

3 x Moonstone (MC)

2 x Amethyst (CC)

5mm hook (or size you used to obtain gauge in parts 1 and 2)


(n.b. right side is always facing) / UK TERMINOLOGY USED

Special sts– spike htr/ spike tr (spk htr/ spk tr) work the htr or tr as normal but work it into the stitch (st) or space (sp) as indicated in the pattern.

Once parts 1 and 2 are complete;

Rnd 1; join mc to any sp, 3 ch (1st tr) 2 tr in same sp, 1 ch and cont with [3tr, 1 ch] in each sp working [3tr, 2ch, 3tr] in each corner to end. sl st to top of beg 3 ch to join.

Rnd 2; cont with mc, as rnd 1 but with 2 tr clusters in each sp and working [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] in each corner.

Rnd 3; join cc to any ch sp, 3 ch (counts as 1st dc and 2 ch) cont with 1 dc, 2 ch in every ch sp to corner, work [2dc, 2ch, 2dc] in each corner. sl st to bottom of beg 3-ch to join. Fasten off cc.

Rnd 4; join mc to any 2 ch sp and rep rnd 1. Fasten off mc.

Rnd 5; join cc to any right st of a 3tr cluster, 2 ch (counts as 1st htr) 1 htr in next 2 st, 1 spike htr into the centre of the dc directly below in rnd 3, cont with *[3htr, 1spk htr into dc of rnd 3] to last 5 st of side, htr in next 3 st, spike tr into sp to the left of the 2dc cluster from rnd 3, spk tr into the sp to the right of the 2dc cluster, htr into last 2 sts of side, [2htr, 2 ch, 2htr] in corner, 1 htr in next 2 st, spk tr into sp to the left of the 2dc cluster of rnd 3, spk tr into the sp right of the 2 dc cluster, rep from *to end, sl st into top of beg 2 ch to join. Fasten off cc.

Weave in ends and gently block.

I hope you have enjoyed crocheting this blanket – I am so happy to have shared crocheting along with you and now there is another lovely snuggly blanket in our living room with memories of the calm that came from making it – and so satisfying using up a beautiful box of minis!

Tag me in your makes on Instagram so I can see them! @loveandloop #therapyblanket

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