Crochet Free Pattern Mandala CAL

Mandala CAL – September

Welcome to the SEPTEMBER Paintbox mandala Crochet Along pattern!

If you want to know more about how this CAL works then hit the About Mandala CAL button on the main menu, otherwise, here is the pattern! I really hope you enjoy making it! This month’s mandala is inspired by fading summer, fresh autumn brights and amazing sunsets!

Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK

422 Daffodil Yellow (yarn A)

436 Duck Egg Blue (yarn B)

424 Mustard Yellow (yarn C)

404 Misty Grey (yarn D)

412 Bright Peach (yarn E)

408 Vanilla Cream (yarn F)

455 Peach Orange (yarn G)

3.5 mm hook

U.K Terminology used

Special Stitches:

Spike st:(this is where you work the stitch required into a round below that of which is currently being worked)

Puff st:  *yrh (yarn round hook), insert hook into sp (or stitch) as instructed, yrh, pull up loop to height of tr, rep from *5 more times, yrh, pull through all loops on hook, 1 ch to complete puff

Tension: Finished mandala approx 16 cm diameter

With yarn A, 5 chain, ss into first ch to form ring

RND 1: working into ring; 3 ch (counts as 1sttr), 1 tr, 1ch, *2 tr, 1 ch rep from * 4 times more, ss into top of beg 3 ch, fasten off A. (6 x 2 tr sets with 1 ch space between)

RND 2: join yarn B into any 1-ch sp, 3 ch (counts as 1sttr), 3 tr into same space, 1 tr into gap between 2 tr set, *4 tr into next 1-ch sp, 1 tr into gap between 2 tr set, rep from * to end, ss to top of beg 3 ch. Fasten off B. (30 sts)

RND 3: join yarn C to 1sttr of a 4 tr set, ch 2, (counts as 1stdc) working into sts only, 3 dc, 1 spike dc (into space between a set of 2 tr directly below from rnd 1), *4 dc, 1 spike dc, rep from * to end, ss to top of beg 2-ch. Fasten off C. (30 sts)

RND 4: join yarn D to any st, 2 ch (counts as 1stdc) 1 ch, *1 dc, 1 ch* in every st to end, ss to top of beg 2 ch. Fasten off D. (30 dc with 1 ch between)

RND 5: join yarn E to any 1 ch-sp that is directly above a spike st from rnd 3, 2 ch (counts as 1sthtr), working into 1-ch spaces only, 2 htr, spike htr (into 1 ch-sp  from round 1), *4 htr, 1 spike htr, rep from * to last ch-sp, 1 htr, ss into top of beg 2-ch. Fasten off E. (30 sts)

RND 6: join yarn F to any htr, (3 ch (counts as 1sttr) 3 ch, 1 tr) all into same st, miss 1 st, *1 tr, 3 ch, 1 tr into next st, miss 1, rep from * to end, ss to top of beg 3-ch to join. Fasten off F. (15 x 3-ch spaces)

RND 7: join yarn A to any 3-ch sp, 2 ch (doesn’t counts as st), *puff st into same sp, 3 ch, rep from * into every 3-ch sp to end, ss to top of 1stpuff. Fasten off A. (15 puffs with 3-ch between each)

RND 8 join yarn G to any 3-ch sp, 3 ch (counts as 1sttr) 2 tr in same sp, 1 dc into top of puff, *5 tr into next 3-ch sp, 1 dc into top of puff, rep from * to last puff, 2 tr into beg 3-ch sp, ss to top of beg 3 ch to join. Fasten off G.

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