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Therapy Blanket – Part 2

Here I am at last putting up the post for Part 2 of this three-part blanket! Sorry for the delay – I think life just gets too busy sometimes! I am guessing that if you have crocheted (or have starting crocheting) your squares from Part 1 then there are loads of online tutorials that would show you so clearly how to join them – better than I ever could anyway!

However, I am going to put my written instructions here for you because, if you are like me, it’s good to just read things sometimes, and you can also print them if you wish!

You may already know that I never intended to publish this design, it was in fact borne from just moving across the world with my family and I just needed a little comfort-crochet! I also had this beauty of a box from Scheepjes that I was yet to use – so the Mini Therapy Blanket started! I guess I ended up sharing this super simple design because A. you might be fairly new to crochet – and this is a great beginners pattern, B. you may have a Scheepjes box and are unsure what to do with it, or C. you also need a little calm crochet time…..

So, once you have decided on the layout of your squares you get begin to join them! Now, how I am doing this – I have re-arranged in my box the order that I would like my colors to go, then I crochet one or two squares, and join as i crochet the squares. BUT, you could could just as easily crochet all the colors and then lay them out and then join-as-you-go. The only thing with doing it this way is that it might be a bit fiddly to layout and then keep them in order – unless you have a spare bed to lay them on or similar.

(just as a little note, I have kept the tail of leftover yarn from each square – once you break off the yarn just wrap it around the ball band as you can keep these for making yarn pegs or a little colour library)!


1st Square; With MC join to any 1-ch space and continue with 3 tr, 1 ch in each 1 ch-sp, and working [3 tr, 2ch, 3 tr] into each 2-ch corner. Fasten off

Second and subsequent squares; using MC work as first square, when you reach the point where you will join, you just need to continue working as normal but instead of working 1ch between the 3 tr clusters you slip stitch into the corresponding 1ch-sp of the square you are joining to.¬†For example… 3 tr, 1 sl st into 1 ch-sp of adjoining square, 3 tr….

When you reach the corner it can be a little trickier but the same principal applies…when you are joining to 1 square you will slip stitch into the corner 2 ch-sp of the meeting corner, then 1 ch, 3 tr to complete the corner…when you are joining to 2 or 3 squares, you need to slip stitch twice into the corner(s) instead of 2 chains, then continue with 3 tr to complete the corner.

It is quite simple once you have the hang of it, however, it is one of those techniques that is hard to describe in text instructions – but as I said above you can go to You Tube and look up ‘join-as-you-go’ method and there are loads of fantastic video tutorials on there. It is actually something I’d like to do more of in 2020 – I feel like I need to get my head around video and start to create my own…

So once you have all the squares joined then we will be back here for Part 3 – ‘Border’ in the new year. I still have to settle on the design for this but I might even put up a tutorial for a couple of options…

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