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sirdar hayfield blossom yarn

Hayfield Blossom Review

Hey there! So I thought I would try something a little different with this blog post; instead of writing about one of my latest creations I thought I’d start reviewing some of the yarns that I love to use (I do use a lot!) and share the yarn love right…

boot warmers front
Free Pattern Knit

Knitted Boot Warmers

The crazy weather of late (sun, heat, wind, rain – back to heat again) has made me a little unsure about what I should be leaving the house with; the contents of my mum bag ranging from rain covers and wooly hats to sun cream and parasols. However, I’ve found…

knitted pom pom headband
Free Pattern Knit

Knitted Headband

My daughter loves accessories at the moment so I’ve made her this cute knitted headband, not only does it satisfy her love for dressing herself, it also keeps her head warm. Win win I say. This super easy headband is a quick project to do over an evening or two…