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Sew a Pom pom Skirt

After discovering a bit of a trend on Pinterest for pom-pom skirts, I thought I’d rustle up this quick 10 minute pom-pom skirt hack, it’s a toddler one of course, but hey, I’m not judging if you’d like to make an adult one….

You will need: (for a skirt to fit a 2-3 year old)

  • A bag of mixed pom poms
  • net material 60 wide x 100 cm long
  • 50 cm of white elastic (20mm wide)
  • matching thread

1. Start by folding the net fabric in half so you have a long rectangle that is approx 3ox100 cm. The fold will be the bottom (hem) of the skirt. Sew a straight seam down both sides of the net to secure them shut, and you will end up with a big ‘pocket’ which you can then empty the bag of pom poms into.

2. Check the measurement of your child’s waist, then deduct a couple of centimetres, then cut the elastic to this measurement, I went with 50 cm.

3. Then you need to simply sew the elastic onto the top edge of the skirt, keeping the layers all neatly together with pins if needed. Sew the elastic about 1.5 cm from the edge of the netting so to create a little ruffle at the top of the skirt. I used a large zig zag stitch to sew the elastic on. Stretch the elastic as you sew; remembering you are aiming to get double the amount of fabric into the length of the elastic, so pin as you go if this makes it easier.

4. Then sew a 1.5 cm seam at the back of the skirt.

Luckily my little girl wanted to wear this the minute she woke up from her nap, so that made it a very worthwhile nap-time craft! Is your little one pom pom obsessed?!

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