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Quick granny square Baby Blanket

As you may already know from following me on Instagram or reading my blog posts I am an advocate of anything quick; be it a quick nap, cuppa or project. I am definitely preferring to crochet over knitting these days finding that it fits better with being a mummy of 3.

In fact this is my first blog post since my 3rd arrived! And what a fantastically fitting project- my recipe for a quick crochet granny square blanket!

You will need:

I am going to assume you know how to make a granny square – this recipe is really to share with you how I manage to make a perfect sized pram blanket within a week.

In the image above you will see the two different colour ways that I have made recently. The finished blanket measures approximately 80X80 cm when completed which is an ideal baby blanket size for the pram or car seat.

The blankets are made up of 9 granny squares in a 3×3 formation. Each square has 7 rounds. So I aim for making 3 squares a day¬†(totals to 3 days of square making) then 1 day of sewing in ends and joining squares together with dc seam, then 1 day of crocheting the border, which is 2 rounds of treble crochet into every stitch, (at the corners do 2 tr, 2 ch, 2 tr) followed by a single round of dc in a contrast colour. In total that’s only 5 days so you have 2 spare days if you need them and you’ve still managed a blanket in a week!

Obviously you can do this at a leisurely pace instead, I’m just a little over-organised with my time! You could also add extras like pom poms to the corners if you wish.

Do you have any tricks or tips to getting the most out of crafting with limited time?

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