Crochet Free Pattern Mandala CAL

Mandala CAL – October

Welcome to the OCTOBER Love and Loop x Paintbox mandala CAL!

If you want to know more about how this CAL works and why I started it then click here. Otherwise here is the October pattern; inspired by all things autumnal – leaves falling, darker evenings, lighting candles and, of course, Halloween! Enjoy!

Please share your mandalas with me on Instagram – you can find me there @loveandloop and you can tag your photos with #loveandloopmandalaCAL – scroll through to meet other makers loving this CAL!

Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK

418 Mandarin Orange (yarn A)

424 Mustard Yellow (yarn B)

408 Vanilla Cream (yarn C)

417 Melon Sorbet (yarn D)

456 Vintage Pink (yarn E)

438 Midnight Blue (yarn F)

3.5mm hook

U.K Terminology used

Special Stitches:

Spike st: this is where you work the stitch required into a round below that of which is currently being worked

Tension: Finished mandala approx

With yarn A, 4 ch and join to 1st ch with ss to make a ring

Rnd 1: 1 ch (counts as 1st dc) 11 dc into ring, ss to beg ch (12 sts)

Rnd 2: continue with yarn A, 1 ch (1st dc), *2 dc into next st, 1 dc, 2 dc* rep to end, ss to beg 1 ch, fasten off A (18 sts)

Rnd 3: join yarn B to any dc, 2 ch (counts as 1st dc and 1 ch), 1 dc, 1 ch into each st to end, ss to top of beg 2 ch, fasten off B (18 sts and 18 1-ch sps)

Rnd 4: join yarn C to any dc, 2 ch (1st dc), miss ch, 3 tr into next st, *miss ch, 1 dc in next st, miss ch, 3 tr in next, rep from* to end, ss into top of beg 2 ch to join. (9 fans & 9 dc)

Rnd 5: join yarn D to any dc, 3ch & 2 tr (half fan), *1dc into middle tr below, 5 tr in next dc* rep to end with final 2 tr into beg dc to finish fan, ss to top of beg 3 ch to join. fasten off D. (9 fans & 9 dc)

Rnd 6: join yarn A to any dc, *puff st, 2 ch, 1 dc into middle tr, 2 ch*, puff st into next dc, rep from to end, ss to top of beg puff to finish. fasten off A. (9 puffs and 9 dc)

Rnd 7: join yarn E to any 2-ch sp, 3 ch (counts as 1st tr) 2 tr all into 2-ch sp, 3 tr into each 2-ch sp to end, ss to top of beg 3 ch to finish. fasten off E. (54 tr)

Rnd 8: join yarn A to 1 st treble of a 3-treble set, 1 ch (1st dc) 1 dc into each st with an extra spike dc into each dc from rnd 6, ss to beg ch to join. fasten off A (63 dc sts)

Rnd 9: join yarn F to any dc, 4 ch (counts as 1st dc & 3 ch), miss one, *(1 dc, 3 ch) into next st, miss 1* rep from * to end, ss to bottom of beg ch to join. Fasten off F. (32 dc)

And 10: join yarn C to any 3 ch, 1 ch (1st dc) 3 dc in same sp, *4 dc into next 3-ch sp rep from * to end. ss to 1st ch to join. fasten off.

Enjoy! Remember if you are on Instagram to tag me and use the hashtag #loveandloopmandalaCAL

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