Crochet Free Pattern Mandala CAL

Mandala CAL-January

Happy New Year Crocheters!

Sorry that this mandala is a little late – it is January after all! It has taken a little while to get into gear, but here is the new instalment of the #loveandloopmandalacal that you can follow on Instagram too by following me @loveandloop

Inspired by trying to feel a little less cluttered than at christmas time, the colours this month are fairly subdued pastels and I have kept colour changes to a minimum – but as always feel free to mix the colours up how you like!

Paintbox Cotton DK 1 ball each of;

yarn A – 403 Light Champagne

yarn B – 442 Dusty Rose

3.5mm hook

U.K terminology used

Tension: Finished Mandala approx 15cm across

With yarn A, 4 chain, ss into 1stch to form ring

rnd 1: 4 ch (counts as 1sttr & 1 ch) *1 tr into ring, 1 ch rep from * to end, ss into 3 ch of beg 4 ch to join. Fasten off A. (8 tr & 8 1-ch sps)

rnd 2: join yarn B to any 1-ch sp, 3 ch ( counts as 1sttr now and throughout) 1 tr ino same 1-ch sp, 2ch, *2 tr into next sp, 2 ch rep from * to end, ss into top of beg 3-ch to join. (8x 2 tr groups) fasten off

rnd 3: continuing with yarn B, join to any 2-ch sp, 3 ch, 2 tr into same sp, 2 ch, *3 tr into next 2-ch sp, 2 ch, rep from * to end, join to top of beg 3-ch with a ss. (8x 3 tr groups) fasten off

rnd 4: continuing with yarn B, as rnd 3, accept make 4 tr into each sp. (8x4tr groups)

rnd 5: rejoin yarn B to any 2-ch sp, 1 ch (counts as 1stdc) 10 more ch, *1 dc into next 2-ch sp, 10 ch, rep from *  to end, ss into beg 1 ch to join, fasten off C, then to complete round, join yarn A to the right of any 10-ch sp, 1 ch, *15 dc evenly around ch, ss into next 10-ch sp, rep from * to end F.O (8 ‘petals’)

rnd 6: rejoin yarn A to the middle dc of one of the 15 dc groups from previous round, 1 ch (counts as 1stdc) 13 ch, *1 dc into next middle dc st, 13 ch, rep from * to end, ss back into first 1 ch, fasten off A, continue with yarn B, join to any 13 ch, 1 ch *18 dc evenly in ch sp, ss into next space, rep from * to end, ss back into 1stdc of round. Fasten off (8 ‘petals’).

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Happy Making!

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