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Knitted Headband

My daughter loves accessories at the moment so I’ve made her this cute knitted headband, not only does it satisfy her love for dressing herself, it also keeps her head warm. Win win I say. This super easy headband is a quick project to do over an evening or two when the kids are in bed. Switch on the telly and catch up on some viewing while you knit the evening away.

You will need:

  • two balls of double knit yarn (2 contrasting colours)
  • 4mm knitting needles

I have used ‘seed’ or ‘moss’ stitch (K1, P1 for every row) for the main part of the headband, as it’s so easy with a pleasingly decorative result and stretches well. But you could also use garter stitch (knit all stitches) for a similar effect.

Start by selecting the yarn for the main part of your headband and cast on 9 stitches (although you can play around with the width of the headband, I found 9 stitches were good for my toddler’s head, just remember to use an uneven amount of stitches for moss stitch)

Knit in moss stitch following the same pattern of stitches for every row (K1, P1) until you have reached your desired length (I basically measured toddler’s head and aimed for slightly less than that-about 5cm under to allow for stretch) so go by what you think as tension can vary as can the shape of your child’s head!

Sew up the two ends of your knitting to create a band (find your toddler and try on for size) then you are ready to decorate!

There are lots of fun ways to decorate your headband, you could do a Pom Pom design making different coloured Pom Poms and sew them on in a cluster or you could knit a very simple bow decoration like so…..

To make a knitted bow I cast on 9 stitches and used garter stitch (it’s quite nice to have a different texture for the decoration but you could keep to moss stitch) keep knitting to how long you’d like your bow to be, cast off and then knit the middle part of the bow by casting on 5 stitches and knitting in garter stitch until you have enough length that will wrap around the main part of the bow and band.

Cast off, sew in ends and sew up your bow by placing it where you’d like it on the band, and sew the middle part of bow to the back of the hairband securing the main part of the bow under it.

And there you have it! Please let me know in the comments below how you get on!

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