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how to crochet watermelons
Crochet Free Pattern

Crochet Watermelon Bunting

I may be slightly watermelon crazy, I initially titled this post ‘how to crochet a watermelon bunting’ but then it dawned on me that surely no one would ever type that into Google, even if I totally would.

You will need: 

  • double knit yarn in pink, green and white (ball of each)
  • small amount of black yarn or tapestry thread
  • tapestry needle
  • crochet hook size 3
  • scissors

Pattern uses treble crochet (U.S double crochet)

1. Taking the pink yarn, make a magic circle or chain 3 and join to make a circle

2. chain 3 this counts as first tr then 5 tr  into circle. You should have 6 tr in total

3. chain 3, turn, and tr into first stitch (counts as 2 tr) then 2 tr into each stitch. 12 tr

4. chain 3, turn, and tr into first stitch (counts as *2 tr) then 1 tr* into nect stitch, repeat * until end. 18 tr

5. chain 3, turn and tr into first stitch (counts as 2 tr) then *1 tr into next 2 stitches 2 tr* repeat * until end. 24 tr

6. Sew in loose ends, then using the white yarn, pick up and double crochet around the edge of the watermelon slice.

7. With the same side facing and starting from the same point as the white yarn, dc with the green yarn in exactly the same way as the white, then sew in loose ends.

8.  Thread up a tapestry needle with the black yarn and embroider random ‘pips’. Now repeat steps 1-8 and make a few more watermelon slices – I did 6.

9. Using the green yarn, join together the pieces with a 10 chain between each one, remembering to chain a longer length at the beginning and end of the bunting so you can hang it up!

Of course, you can crochet slices of any fruit by changing colour combinations and trims, happy crocheting!

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