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Houndstooth Scarf

This aran/worsted weight scarf was originally published in Crochet Now magazine in January 2019. It features a very simple yet effective stitch pattern known as ‘houndstooth stitch’ which gives the effect of the iconic woven fabric (which goes by the same name). Some people like to say ‘dogstooth’ which is the same thing. I am a bit of a Kate Bush fan so I named it after her famous album!

I have chosen lilac and cream to put a sweet feminine twist on this (normally monochrome) classic. However you can chose whichever 2 colors you think would work for you. This is the link to the gorgeous West Yorkshire Spinners yarn I used.


Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester Aran, 3 balls each in Lilac 701 (A) and Cream 010 (B)

Hook: 5mm 

Tension: 12 sts x 9 rows = 10cm measured over htr

Finished Measurements: 190cm length x 25cm width

Special Stitches: Houndstooth st; 1 ch, [1dc, 1tr] to end, change to next color in last yrh of last st of row, turn, next row will have all dc worked in a tr and all tr worked into a dc

please note; the beginning ch doesn’t count as a st throughout, work the 1st st of every row into the last st of previous row, therefore working the last st of each row into the 1st st made in previous row. This creates a super straight edge for your scarf. 

houndstooth st always begins with a 1 ch, htr always with a 2 ch

With A, chain 31

Row 1; (rs) starting in 2nd ch from hook, dc to end, turn, [30 sts]

Row 2; (ws) (begin houndstooth st); 1 ch, (not counting as st now and throughout), *1dc, 1 tr; rep from * to end, change to B in last st, turn,

Rows 3-14; as row 2, alternating between A and B for houndstooth st

Row 15; with B, 2 ch, (doesn’t count as st now and throughout) htr to end, turn

Rows 16-68; as row 15, working 5 more rows with B, then [6 with A, 6 with B] twice, 12 with A and 12 with B

Rows 69- 154; Beg with A, as row 2, alternating between A and B for houndstooth st.

Row 155; With A, as row 15

Row 156-172; As row 15, work 5 more rows in A, 6 with B and 6 with A.

Row 173; continuing with A, as row 2, changing to color B in last st,

Rows 174-178; As row 2, alternating between A and B for houndstooth st

Row 179; with A, as row 15

Rows 180-192; as row 15 working 3 more rows in A, 5 with B and 5 with A

Row 193; With B, 2 ch, htr to end.

Fasten off, weave in ends and wet block to measurements.

Hounds of Love scarf, Photo credit: Crochet Now Magazine

Let me know if you make this scarf or are thinking about making it by leaving me a comment below or tagging me on Instagram @loveandloop

love, Ashley x

This design was originally featured in Crochet Now magazine issue 37

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