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Hayfield Blossom Review

Hey there! So I thought I would try something a little different with this blog post; instead of writing about one of my latest creations I thought I’d start reviewing some of the yarns that I love to use (I do use a lot!) and share the yarn love right here!

So for my first official blog review I am going to show off this amazing yarn called Hayfield Chunky Blossom. It’s a Sirdar product and it is just all kinds of loveliness! First of all you can view the full colour palette and purchase it right here.

I knitted their V-neck cardigan in ‘baby bouquet’ and the effect of the yarn is simply quite magical – the colours change as you knit; lemon yellows, peach, pastel pinks and purples and a bit of baby blue too! And the best part is the fabulous fair-aisle effect, hence the name ‘blossom’ which literally knits a delicious floral design for you!

As it’s a chunky yarn it knits up pretty quickly, so, if like me you like to knit quick this is a great yarn for that. Coupled with the fairaisle/colour effect it looks like a lot more effort has gone into it than it actually has.

The accompanying pattern is easy to follow and as you get more than one design on each pattern I think that they are good value for money too. The fibre content is 70% acrylic and 30% nylon. I used to be a bit of an acrylic yarn snob but since knitting & crocheting for my kids I’m a complete convert and use it all the time, mainly because it is easy to look after once the item is being used and washed. This yarn feels so squishy and soft and is just a dream to knit with. In fact I may use some of my leftover yarn to see how it crochets up…

All in all a really nice product for babies and toddlers and I am definitely going to use it again. Sirdar have also now made a DK version, whoop whoop!!

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